Gadgets4everyone - Ripped off by phone trade-in


A company by the name of use high trade-in prices as bait to get you to send in your gadget (be it mobile, ds or whatever) then when they receive your item offer you a much depreciated offer by claiming there are faults with the item.Then if you are unhappy with the much depreciated quote and want your item returned they then charge you £5 for the pleasure.

If you don't pay the fee then you lose your gadget.

Please keep away from this so called company as it is a big scam and a total rip off.Remeber there name

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Gillingham, England, United Kingdom #667020

This sounds EXACTLY the same as what happened to me.They offered me £198 for a Samsung Galaxy S3, I sent it to them and they said there were scratches on the back and screen.

The day I got the phone I put a screen protector on it AND a cover. There were NO scratches anywhere on it. They offered me £150 for it, I said no and asked for a return and now they're trying to charge me £5 to get it sent back. I have notified trading standards and I will be notifying the police.

I am disgusted that this "company" is allowed to carry on the way it does.DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

to Anonymous Gillingham, England, United Kingdom #667039

UPDATE: They are now refusing to send my phone back saying that I accepted the £150 when I never did and there is proof in emails that I refused it.I can't get through to them when I call and they're saying they aren't getting any emails from me but I have had NO failed to send notifications.

The police have been notified.I can't believe these people are allowed to even be in business.

Marlow, England, United Kingdom #659123


I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the Gadgets4Everyone service and I would like to reassure you that this is certainly not our business practice.

Please contact me directly on: with your order ID and I would be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards,

Sam Hargreaves

Managing Director

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